Enhancing XML-based Compiler Construction with Large Language Models: A Novel Approach

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Idrees A. Zahid
Shahad Sabbar Joudar


Considering the prevailing rule of Large Language Models (LLMs) applications and the benefits of XML in a compiler context. This manuscript explores the synergistic integration of Large Language Models with XML-based compiler tools and advanced computing technologies. Marking a significant stride toward redefining compiler construction and data representation paradigms. As computing power and internet proliferation advance, XML emerges as a pivotal technology for representing, exchanging, and transforming documents and data. This study builds on the foundational work of Chomsky's Context-Free Grammar (CFG). Recognized for their critical role in compiler construction, to address and mitigate the speed penalties associated with traditional compiler systems and parser generators through the development of an efficient XML parser generator employing compiler techniques. Our research employs a methodical approach to harness the sophisticated capabilities of LLMs, alongside XML technologies.  The key is to automate grammar optimization, facilitate natural language processing capabilities, and pioneer advanced parsing algorithms. To demonstrate their effectiveness, we thoroughly run experiments and compare them to other techniques. This way, we call attention to the efficiency, adaptability, and user-friendliness of the XML-based compiler tools with the help of these integrations. And the target will be the elimination of left-recursive grammars and the development of a global schema for LL(1) grammars, the latter taking advantage of the XML technology, to support the LL(1) grammars construction. The findings in this research not only underscore the signification of these innovations in the field of compilation construction but also indicate a paradigm move towards the use of AI technologies and XML in the context of the resolution of programming traditional issues. The outlined methodology serves as a roadmap for future research and development in compiler technology, which paves the way for open-source software to sweep across all fields. Gradually ushering in a new era of compiler technology featuring better efficiency, adaptability, and all CFGs processed through existing XML utilities on a global basis.


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Zahid, I. A., & Joudar , S. S. (2024). Enhancing XML-based Compiler Construction with Large Language Models: A Novel Approach. Mesopotamian Journal of Big Data, 2024, 23–39. https://doi.org/10.58496/MJBD/2024/003