Agent-Interacted Big Data-Driven Dynamic Cartoon Video Generator

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Yasmin Makki Mohialden
Abbas Akram khorsheed
Nadia Mahmood Hussien


This study presents a novel method for animating videos using three Kaggle cartoon faces data sets. Dynamic interactions between cartoon agents and random backgrounds, as well as Gaussian blur, rotation, and noise addition, make cartoon visuals look better. This approach also evaluates video quality and animation design by calculating the backdrop colour's average and standard deviation, ensuring visually appealing material. This technology uses massive datasets to generate attractive animated videos for entertainment, teaching, and marketing.


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Mohialden, Y. M., khorsheed, A. A., & Hussien, N. M. (2024). Agent-Interacted Big Data-Driven Dynamic Cartoon Video Generator. Mesopotamian Journal of Big Data, 2024, 40–47.