The Babylonian Journal of Networking (BJN) (EISSN: 3006-5372), published by the Mesopotamian Academic Press, is a distinguished scientific journal devoted to the exploration and dissemination of networking-related subjects. Its fundamental objective is to publish original and top-quality articles that encompass both the theoretical foundations and practical applications within the field of networking.

Operating under a stringent peer-review process, BJN adheres to an annual publication schedule, with each issue named after the respective publication year (e.g., issue 1 as 2021, issue 2 as 2022, etc.). This structure demonstrates the journal's commitment to staying current and relevant in the fast-evolving domain of networking.

As a premier platform for scholarly discourse, BJN covers an extensive range of topics within networking. This includes, but is not limited to, Network Architecture, Internet of Things (IoT), Wireless Networking, Cloud Computing, Network Protocols, Routing Algorithms, Data Communication, and Network Performance Optimization. The journal actively encourages diverse perspectives and scholarly contributions, furthering the advancement of networking research.

An exceptional characteristic of BJN is its implementation of a continuous publication model. This approach ensures the swift dissemination of accepted papers, enabling immediate publication following editorial acceptance. This rapid process aims to enhance accessibility for authors and readers alike, providing prompt access to the latest research findings in networking.