Advanced Image Processing Techniques for Automated Detection of Healthy and Infected Leaves in Agricultural Systems

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E.D. Kanmani Ruby
G. Amirthayogam
G. Sasi
T. Chitra
Abhishek Choubey
S. Gopalakrishnan


Advances in computer vision and machine learning have transformed leaf disease detection by enabling efficient and accurate identification of subtle disease signs in leaves. Leveraging high-resolution imaging, pattern recognition algorithms, and deep learning models, researchers and farmers can now conduct automated detection across various plant species. The development focuses on sophisticated image processing techniques applied to diverse datasets captured under controlled conditions, ensuring comprehensive coverage of lighting, time, and weather variations. Expert annotation of infection stages and types enhances dataset reliability, while pre-processing stages such as resizing and normalization optimize image consistency for robust model training. Data augmentation techniques enrich dataset diversity, complemented by feature extraction methods like RGB color analysis, GLCM texture analysis, and shape descriptors to discern healthy and infected leaves with precision Validation through K-fold cross-validation ensures model reliability across diverse datasets, culminating in a deployable application for real-time leaf health monitoring. Results demonstrate significant advancements, with the proposed model achieving 92% accuracy, surpassing Logistic Regression (87%), Decision Tree (82%), and Support Vector Machine (79%). Over 10 epochs, the model achieves steady improvements to 95% training accuracy and 85% validation accuracy, underscoring its effectiveness. Implementing data augmentation boosts accuracy from 85% to 89%, while analysis of prediction errors refines model performance for enhanced automated plant health monitoring and precision agriculture applications. These advancements highlight the transformative impact of technology in safeguarding crop resilience and optimizing agricultural practices.


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Ruby, E. K., Amirthayogam, G., Sasi, G., Chitra, T., Choubey, A., & Gopalakrishnan, S. (2024). Advanced Image Processing Techniques for Automated Detection of Healthy and Infected Leaves in Agricultural Systems. Mesopotamian Journal of Computer Science, 2024, 62–70.