The Mesopotamian Journal of Computer Science (MJCSC) employs a single-blind peer review process, wherein the reviewers' identities are kept anonymous from the authors. The journal utilizes OJS3 (Open Journal Systems 3) to efficiently manage the peer review process. To ensure high-quality and original content, all submissions must present novel contributions and should not have been previously published or considered by another academic journal.

Before sending the papers to the referees, the editorial board will evaluate whether they align with the mission and scope of MJCSC. Each submitted paper will be reviewed by at least two independent referees, and the authors' identities will be known to the reviewers while the reviewers' identities will remain undisclosed to the authors.

If a paper receives negative feedback from one referee, it will be reevaluated by another referee. If the second review also yields negative feedback, the paper will not be accepted for publication in MJCSC. Authors may receive feedback, corrections, or suggestions from the referees and are required to make necessary revisions within a specified timeframe before a final publication decision is reached.

If authors wish to withdraw their paper from consideration for publication in MJCSC, they must submit a written request to the editorial board. It is the authors' responsibility to adhere to MJCSC's writing and style guidelines to ensure the overall quality of their papers. Please note that MJCSC does not provide any copyright fees to authors for the papers published in the journal.