A Review of Using Chatgpt for Scientific Manuscript Writing

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Ahmed Adil Nafea
Mohammed M AL-Ani
Meaad Ali Khalaf
Mustafa S. Ibrahim Alsumaidaie


Scientific manuscripts an important in publishing research findings and advancing scientific knowledge. The method of writing a manuscript can take time and be a challenge for a lot of researchers. Artificial intelligence have helped the improvement of scientific writing. ChatGPT is an AI language model developed by OpenAI. This study review aims to evaluate ChatGPT for scientific manuscript writing, showing an overview of ChatGPT's abilities and limitations and highlighting its benefits and challenges in scientific writing. This study talks about review studied various methods in which researchers could use ChatGPT. This review also discussed ethical considerations related to ChatGPT in scientific manuscript writing including the impact of authorship, plagiarism, and the science community. It considers the importance of clarity and ensuring appropriate attribution when incorporating AI-generated content into scientific manuscripts the review gives the evaluation of researchers who using ChatGPT in scientific writing and it highlights their experiences challenges and recommendations for using ChatGPT as a written tool effectively.


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Nafea, A. A., AL-Ani, M. M., Khalaf , M. A., & Alsumaidaie , M. S. I. (2024). A Review of Using Chatgpt for Scientific Manuscript Writing. Babylonian Journal of Artificial Intelligence, 2024, 9–13. https://doi.org/10.58496/BJAI/2024/002