Enhanced Priority-Integrated Mult winner Voting Software

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Firas Ali Hashim
Qabas Abdal Zahraa
Nadia Mahmood Hussien
Yasmin Makki Mohialden


Modern democracy values efficient, fair elections. This paper offers Google Cola an embedded interactive multi-winner voting method to improve democracy. Candidates and values can be entered using Python in the Colab. Basic Python algorithms and classes simplify priority candidate multi-winner elections. According to user feedback, event-driven programming modifies candidate priority enabling accurate and effective elections.

These embedded system functions prioritize, rank, and aggregate votes.

These mathematics facilitate fair and transparent outcome processing. This research demonstrates the embedded system's technology deployment and potential to support inclusive elections. The proposed solution helps electoral democratization by integrating collaboration with cutting-edge technologies


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Hashim, F. A., Zahraa , Q. A., Hussien, N. M., & Mohialden, Y. M. (2024). Enhanced Priority-Integrated Mult winner Voting Software. Babylonian Journal of Artificial Intelligence, 2024, 27–33. https://doi.org/10.58496/BJAI/2024/005