The Babylonian Journal of Mathematics (BJM) E-ISSN: 3006-113X,  serves as a testament to ancient mathematical heritage. Embracing the legacy of Babylonian mathematical achievements, this journal invites global contributions, aiming to extend and honor the rich mathematical traditions of the Babylonian civilization through modern research and discoveries.

Vol. 2024 (2024)

Published: 2024-01-08


Substitutional Based Gauss-Seidel Method For Solving System of Linear Algebraic Equations

Tuljaram Meghwar, Sher khan Awan, Muhammad Tariq, Muhammad Suleman, Asif Ali Shaikh



A Survey of MCDM-Based Software Engineering Method

sahar Mohammed, Abdulrahman Kareem Oleiwi, Thaaer kh.Asman, Hadeel M Saleh, Alaa Mohammad Mahmood, Isa AVCI


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