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The Babylonian Journal of Internet of Things focuses on advancing IoT technologies. It offers a platform for sharing cutting-edge research and applications in sensor networks, architectures, data analytics, security, and various IoT fields. Committed to fostering innovation, it pushes the boundaries of IoT research and practical implementations


Current Issue

Vol. 2024 (2024)

Published: 2024-01-08


System Development and Assessment For Road Vehicles Speed Detection Using GSM

M.Sahaya Sheela, S. Gopalakrishnan, Venkata Anjani Kumar G, I.Parvin Begum, M. Gopianand, J. Jasmine Hephzipah



A Brief Review of Big Data in Healthcare: Challenges and Issues, Recent Developments, and Future Directions

Ahmed Adil Nafea, Russel R Majeed , Ashour Ali , Ahmed Jumaah Yas, Saeed Amer Alameri , Mohammed M AL-Ani


Analyzing and Comparing Global Sustainability Standards: LEED, BREEAM, and PBRS in Green Building arch article topic

Noah Mohammed Saleh , Ali Mohammed Saleh, , Raed A. Hasan , Jafar Keighobadi, Omer Khalil Ahmed, Zeyad K. Hamad


Empowering Aquarists a Comprehensive Study On IOT-Enabled Smart Aquarium Systems For Remote Monitoring And Control

M.Sahaya Sheela, S.Ravi Chand, S. Gopalakrishnan, Shruti Bhargava choubey, M Gopianand, J.Jasmine Hephzipah


Impact of IoT-Based Environmental Monitoring on Lab Safety and Sustainability

Nadia Mahmoud Hussein , Yasmin Makki Mohialden, Saba Abdulbaqi Salman


System design and implementation of an IoT electronic pulse sphygmomanometer

Yitong Niu, Haiyang Wang, Vugar Abdullayevdep-t, Israa Ibraheem Al_Barazanchi

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