Conflict of Interest

The Babylonian Journal of Internet of Things expects authors, reviewers, and editors involved in the publication process to disclose any potential conflicts of interest that could influence or be perceived to influence their work. A conflict of interest may arise from financial associations, employment, affiliations, grants or funding, consulting engagements, or personal relationships that could affect impartial judgment in conducting or evaluating research. Authors are required to transparently disclose any affiliations or financial involvements that might pose a conflict of interest concerning the submitted manuscript. Reviewers and editors are also expected to declare any potential conflicts of interest that could compromise their impartiality in reviewing or handling a manuscript. The journal's editorial team will manage disclosed conflicts of interest with integrity, ensuring fair and unbiased evaluation and decision-making throughout the publication process. The ultimate aim is to maintain the credibility, transparency, and ethical standards of the Babylonian Journal of Internet of Things.