Focus & Scope

The Babylonian Journal of Internet of Things aims to explore and disseminate innovative research, advancements, and insights into the expansive realm of Internet of Things (IoT). The journal focuses on soliciting scholarly contributions that cover a wide spectrum of topics related to IoT, including but not limited to:

1. IoT Infrastructure and Architectures: Discussions on the fundamental infrastructure, architectures, protocols, and standards underpinning IoT systems.

2. IoT Applications and Innovations: Exploration of novel applications, innovative use-cases, and real-world implementations across diverse sectors, such as healthcare, agriculture, smart cities, transportation, and industry.

3. IoT Security and Privacy: Insights into the challenges and solutions pertaining to security, privacy, and ethical considerations in IoT ecosystems, including data protection, encryption, and risk mitigation strategies.

4. IoT Devices and Technologies: Discussions on cutting-edge devices, sensors, actuators, and emerging technologies influencing the IoT landscape.

5. IoT Data Analytics and Management: Research on data analytics methodologies, big data processing, cloud computing, and edge computing techniques tailored for IoT-generated data.

6. IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI): Explorations into the intersection of IoT and AI, showcasing synergies, applications, and advancements in machine learning, deep learning, and AI-driven IoT solutions.

7. IoT Connectivity and Networking: Studies on various connectivity technologies, protocols, and networking architectures facilitating seamless communication among IoT devices.

The Babylonian Journal of Internet of Things invites original research articles, reviews, case studies, and technical notes that contribute to advancing the understanding, development, and implementation of IoT technologies and applications. The journal aims to serve as a platform for researchers, academics, industry practitioners, and policymakers to share knowledge, foster discussions, and drive innovation in the rapidly evolving field of IoT.