Exploring the Top Five Evolving Threats in Cybersecurity: An In-Depth Overview

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Maad Mijwil
Omega John Unogwu
Youssef Filali
Indu Bala
Humam Al-Shahwani


The term cybersecurity refers to an environment capable of protecting digital devices, networks and information from unauthorized access and preventing data theft or alteration. It is composed of a collection of carefully crafted techniques, processes, and practices to protect sensitive information and deterring cyber-attacks. In the recent period, the domain of cybersecurity has undergone rapid growth in response to the increasing cyber threats.  Cybersecurity includes important tactics that help protect the digital environment, which are firewalls, encryption, secure passwords, and threat detection and response systems. Employees must be trained on these tactics. This article will discuss the five most pressing challenges facing the cybersecurity industry today that must be taken into account by businesses, organizations, and individuals in order to secure their confidential data from cybercrime. The conclusion of the article highlighted the significance of growing awareness about cybersecurity risks in order to effectively handle digital environments and protect them from any electronic threats.


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Mijwil, M., Omega John Unogwu, Youssef Filali, Indu Bala, & Humam Al-Shahwani. (2023). Exploring the Top Five Evolving Threats in Cybersecurity: An In-Depth Overview. Mesopotamian Journal of CyberSecurity, 2023, 57–63. https://doi.org/10.58496/MJCS/2023/010