About the Journal

The Mesopotamian Journal of Quran Studies (MJQS) (E_ISSN: 3005-9933) is an academic journal focused on the comprehensive exploration and critical analysis of the Quran within the historical, cultural, and geographical context of Mesopotamia. Published by Mesopotamian Academic Press.

MJQS serves as a platform for the dissemination of original and scholarly research articles dedicated to Quranic studies. Embracing a peer-reviewed model, the journal encourages submissions that delve into various aspects of Quranic exegesis, linguistic analysis, historical context, and cultural significance.

Funding for MJQS is provided by Mesopotamian Academic Press.

As an exclusive forum for scholarly discussions, MJQS invites diverse perspectives and academic contributions, aiming to foster advancements in the understanding and exploration of the Quran's teachings, linguistic nuances, historical context, and its profound cultural relevance within the wider scope of Mesopotamia.