Machine learning Helps in Quickly Diagnosis Cases of "New Corona"

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Maad M. Mijwil
Ioannis Adamopoulos
Pramila Pudasaini


Machine learning is considered one of the most significant techniques that play a vital role in diagnosing the Coronavirus. It is a set of advanced algorithms capable of analysing medical data and identifying patterns and behaviours of diseases. It is used to interpret medical images, giving details of each image with high accuracy and efficiency, such as chest X-ray images. These algorithms are trained on a large set of images to recognise patterns that indicate the presence of infection with the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This article will provide a brief overview of the importance of machine learning in diagnosing COVID-19 by processing and analysing medical image data and helping physicians and healthcare workers provide distinguished and influential care for patients infected with this virus.


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M. Mijwil, M., Adamopoulos , I., & Pudasaini, P. (2024). Machine learning Helps in Quickly Diagnosis Cases of "New Corona". Mesopotamian Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, 2024, 16–19.