About the Journal

The Mesopotamian Journal of Arabic Language Studies (MJALS) is an academic journal specializing in the humanities, specifically dedicated to the exploration and analysis of the Arabic language, linguistics, literature, and associated cultural elements within the historical and geographical context of Mesopotamia. Published by Mesopotamian Academic Press, it is identified by the ISSN (3005-8910).

MJALS aims to provide a platform for the dissemination of original, high-quality research articles in the field of Arabic language studies. Employing a peer-reviewed model, the journal encourages contributions encompassing various aspects of Arabic linguistics, literary analysis, and cultural studies.

Funding for MJALS is provided by Mesopotamian Academic Press.

As a dedicated avenue for scholarly discourse, MJALS welcomes diverse perspectives and scholarly contributions, aiming to facilitate advancements in the understanding and exploration of the Arabic language, its linguistic intricacies, literary heritage, and cultural significance within the broader context of Mesopotamia.