DARKNET-53 Convolutional Neural Network-Based Image Processing for Breast Cancer Detection

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R. Rajkumar
S. Gopalakrishnan
K. Praveena
M. Venkatesan
K. Ramamoorthy
J. Jasmine Hephzipah


Breast cancer is a common type of cancer in women, denoted by the uncontrolled growth of cells in breast tissue. Thus, manually detecting breast cancer is time-consuming and necessitates automated systems. Existing breast cancer screening methods often have limited efficacy and may delay detection and complicate the individual treatment planning process. However, early detection of breast cancer can be costly and impact the accuracy of diagnosis. To address this issue, we introduce a Darknet-53 Convolutional Neural Network (darknet-53CNN) approach for classifying breast cancer images and improving precision. Furthermore, we utilise the Contrast-Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization (CLAHE) technique to pre-process breast cancer images to enhance image quality. Furthermore, we evaluate the intensity level of pixel images by feature extraction using the Haralick Grey-Level Co-Occurrence Matrix (HGLCM) technique. Finally, the DarkNet-53 CNN method improves the accuracy of detecting breast cancer and classifying images as benign or malignant. The proposed algorithm evaluates the specificity, sensitivity, accuracy and precision of predictive test results based on the classification of breast cancer images. Moreover, the accuracy of the proposed method has increased to 95.6% compared to the methods obtained from previous approaches.


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Rajkumar, R., Gopalakrishnan, S., Praveena, K., Venkatesan, M., Ramamoorthy, K., & Hephzipah, J. J. (2024). DARKNET-53 Convolutional Neural Network-Based Image Processing for Breast Cancer Detection. Mesopotamian Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, 2024, 59–68. https://doi.org/10.58496/MJAIH/2024/009