As Mesopotamian Academic Press, we prioritize the preservation and accessibility of our esteemed publications. To achieve this, we have taken several proactive measures:

Daily Backup Policy with Hostinger: We have implemented a robust backup policy in collaboration with Hostinger. This system enables daily backups of our entire website, including files and databases, for a 30-day period. In case of any unforeseen incidents, we can swiftly restore our website to any version within the last 30 days, safeguarding our publications from potential loss or damage.

Offline Backup for Extra Security: As an additional layer of protection, we regularly download the generated backups from Hostinger and securely store them in our Google Drive accounts. This offline backup strategy further ensures the safety of our data.

These initiatives reflect our unwavering commitment to preserving and safeguarding the knowledge shared in our publications. At Mesopotamian Academic Press, we are dedicated to serving the scholarly community and readers worldwide with excellence and long-term impact.